Shopping In Kusadasi

Shopping In Kusadasi

Kusadasi a shopping heaven. It always been a shopping heaven even from the earlier times. Having a one of the biggest port in the region helps the town to become one of the places for trade etc... Today Kusadasi is not just a shopping spot for buyers but also for the big brands too.

Kusadasi for sure, is the main destination on every ship's menu of shore excursions, a visit to Kusadasi, a tourist town whose growth is due to the archeological site, also offers a perfectly pleasant opportunity to kick back and sip Turkish wine at a seafront cafe, dine on just-caught fish at local restaurants and, yes, shop for Turkish rugs.

Strolling with traffic and lined with leather, carpet and jewelry shops, you can still find pockets of old-style Turkey amidst the narrow, winding streets of its old town, which house vibrant markets and traditional Turkish baths, and offer a chance to bargain for Oriental carpets.

Turkish Rugs Carpets & Kilims

The absolute number one best buy in Kusadasi is a Turkish rug. Period. Silk ones or the ones made out of the softest wool dyed with natural colors, flat weaves or the ones with the pile, mat-sized ones, oversized ones or the ones that are so small and precious you can only put them in a frame. They are sure to put your mind off.

Leather Products

Turkey is one of the world’s leading producers and exporters of leather goods. Walking into each Kusadasi leather store is like walking into a leather heaven… you can get leather in all colours from classic browns and blacks to all the colours of the rainbow, from conservative styles to the more fashion-forward ones.

Let’s not mention the variety of different skins: from nubuck to suede, from napa to the so-called ‘silk-leather’. You can learn all about the role leather had in the lands of today’s Turkey here.

Turkish Ceramics

Your visit to Kusadasi will be a great opportunity to take home some fine, colourful, decorative ceramic plates and even tiles you can use for decoration or actually build into your bathroom or kitchen wall or floor! When buying ceramics in Kusadasi, you can go two ways: Treat it as just another one of Turkish souvenirs and not worry about the actual quality of the materials it is made of. Or… if you’re more of a collector and don’t mind spending a little bit more money, you will go with the good quality ceramics that are made with quartzite and therefore have more substance to them and are much heavier!

The best quality Turkish ceramics are the so called Iznik ceramics that are sought after by collectors worldwide. One of the most common motifs found on Turkish ceramics, one of the things to buy in Kusadasi, is a tulip. When we say tulip, most people will automatically think of the Netherlands. But most people don’t know that in fact, tulips are native to Central Asia and Turkey and were brought to Holland from Turkey in the 16th Century!

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