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The Turkish Holiday Resort of Kusadasi on the Aegean coast is a diverse and fascinating destination for both Turkish nationals and the visitors from abroad that flock there. The mix of beaches, ancient Ottoman architecture, bazaars, traditional culture and British and American influences combine to produce a unique atmosphere. Night-life reaches a peak when the regular cruise ships dock for the night, and passengers join the tourists already in the city for a fun time.

Kusadasi has a residential population of 64,359 rising to over half a million during the summer when the large resort fills with tourists (from Turkey itself, northern Europe and the Balkans). In addition to the visitors from overseas there is a substantial community of foreigners resident in the area.

To the South of Kusadasi, on the way to Milli Park, one will find a sandy beach of approximately 30km split up as the Long Beach, Gold Beach, Silver Beach, Paradise Beach, Love Beach and at last the beaches of Milli Park. To reach these beach, use the Sahil Siteleri of Milli Park dolmus. Further you will find in and around Kusadasi different Aquaparks (open May-September) who arrange for lots of water, fun and sun and also organize free shuttle from city center.

The primary appeal to Turkey's Kusadasi is, of course, its proximity to the ancient Roman city of Ephesus, the best preserved classical city in the Eastern Mediterranean, and a visit here is worth the price of your cruise fare! And while it, for sure, is the main destination on every ship's menu of shore excursions, a visit to Kusadasi, a tourist town whose growth is due to the archeological site, also offers a perfectly pleasant opportunity to kick back and sip Turkish wine at a seafront cafe, dine on just-caught fish at local restaurants and, yes, shop for Turkish rugs.
The Roman Empire took possession of the coast in the 2nd century BC and made it their provincial capital and in the early years of Christianity. St John the Evangelist and (according to Roman Catholic sacred tradition) Mary (mother of Jesus) both came to live in the area, which in the Christian era became known as "Ania". Later the port was a haven for pirates.

As Byzantine, Venetian and Genoese shippers began to trade along the coast the port was re-founded (as Scala Nuova or Scala Nova - "new port"), a garrison was placed on the island, and the town centre moved from the hillside to the coast.
From 1086 the area came under Turkish control and the Aegean ports became the final destination of caravan routes to the Orient. However this arrangement was overthrown by the Crusades and the coast again came under Byzantine control until 1280 when first the Menteşe and then the Aydinid Anatolian beyliks took control. Kuşadası was brought into the Ottoman Empire by Mehmet I in 1413. The Ottomans built the city walls and the caravanserai that still stand today.

In 1834 the castle and garrison on the island was rebuilt and expanded, becoming the focus of the town, to the extent that people began to refer to the whole town as Kuşadası (bird island). However in the 19th century, trade declined in favor of İzmir with the opening of the İzmir-Selçuk-Aydın railway, as Kuşadası had no rail connection.

Kuşadası was a district in Izmir Province until 1954 and become the district of Aydın Province. Until the first holiday apartments were built here in the 1970s Kuşadası was a fruit-growing rural district, it then grew into a small resort town with holiday flats. These were built as housing co-operatives, membership sold to families in Ankara, Izmir, Denizli and other Turkish cities. From the mid 1980s Kuşadası grew again into the centre of mass tourism that we have today.

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